GitHub for Software Development: The Ultimate Collaboration Tool

Using online document editing, you don’t need to download your files when editing them online. Once you are done, Wrike automatically auto versions the file when you save it. Get a targeted view into client work by creating an effective cross-departmental system for customer-related projects.

  • Whether you’re working in the office, from home, or from across the globe, helps your entire team stay in sync.
  • Stay on topic or catch up with teammates about the latest binge-worthy Netflix series.

What did many people use to communicate and collaborate once the coronavirus pandemic appeared? The company chat feature lets you share announcements across your entire organization or initiate conversations with specific developers in a secure and private environment. Group video chat, meanwhile, offers one-click face-to-face calls without the need for any downloads or integrations.

Software development tools 👩🏻‍💻

However, security should not become the key point, interfering with normal development. Wooboard is a social and gamified platform for engaging and rewarding your employees. It’s a great tool if you What is a Cloffice? How I Turned My Closet into an Office Space want to create a better atmosphere in the company and motivate your team to work harder. All the communications will be stored in one centralized place & this will vastly improve collaboration.

What are examples of collaborative tools?

  • Google Workspace (G Suite) One of the standard tools many workplaces use is Google Workplace or G Suite.
  • Trello.
  • Slack.
  • Jira.
  • Asana.
  • Canva.
  • Mural.
  • WeTransfer.

It’s also built around Agile principles and the Scrum framework, making it ideal for incremental software development that promotes collaboration and continuous integration. Space is a unified platform that combines all the tools you need for the entire software development pipeline and offers a native integration with our IDEs. You can host Git repositories, review code, automate your CI/CD, store and publish packages, manage issues and documents, and communicate in chats – all in one place and integrated out-of-the-box. These obstacles highlight the need for software development tools that enhance collaboration. To help you out, we’ve gathered five essential tools dev teams should have for remote coordination, collaboration and task management. And if you’re not one to take notes during important calls, you won’t have to here, as Zoom can record calls for later use.


You just upload all your current documents into your Drive, share it with your team, and that’s it — Google will even automatically convert all your MS Office files into its own internal format. There’s no collaboration without communication—that’s why you should have a communication tool in your software development toolbox. Sprints can make collaboration easier—everyone in the team has tasks to complete in a set time frame, and you can form teams based on the amount of work in a Sprint.

One of the best software development tools for project management & task delegation for all agile teams out there. GitHub is a web application and a cloud-based service that allows software developers to store, manage, and reuse their code. The way it has managed to serve the development teams located remotely is quite miraculous. It’s another wonderful collaboration tool having millions of users across the globe.

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